Starting a nonprofit

The Masks2All Journey

Lessons from starting a nonprofit to distribute face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic


1. Our Journey

Photos from our face mask deliveries

2. Fundraising and finances

Campaign kick-off

Masks2All GoFundMe page

Leveraging social media

Sample Instagram fundraiser poll

Fiscal sponsorship

Corporate donations and matching

In-kind mask donations

3. Sourcing Masks

Starting out — purchasing masks

Sourcing mask donations


KN95 mask distribution

4. Distribution


Connecting with partners



5. Marketing


Social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Sample partner posts

Using our network

Additional collateral

6. Team

Team Zoom meeting

Team meetings


Finding advisors


7. What’s next?

We are a nonprofit organization distributing masks to unhoused individuals in California and beyond!

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